Sounds Like Chicken
  • Sounds Like Chicken
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Sounds Like Chicken features 12 original songs with a distinct infusion of indie-pop into the quirky, un-traditional bluegrass sound we are known for. Several of the songs (I Made It, Stringtime in the Summer, You And Me) were written by Todd while out at sea. Others explore a light-hearted look at the limbo of joblessness (Rainbow Dreams), and the mischief of young love (Tony's Waste our Precious Time) The true tale of murder in turn of the century Maine (Paisley's Mattie Hackett) fulfills the unspoken requirement for a murder ballad.

1. Rainbow Dreams-Todd
2. No Rest For The Wicked-Todd
3. Stringtime In The Summer-Todd
4. Waste Our Precious Time-Tony
5. Round Pond-Todd
6. I Made It-Todd
7. Mattie Hackett-Paisley
8. Blood Moon-Tony Markey
9. Won't You Tell Me Darlin-Todd and Paisley
10. Roots Music-Paisley
11. My Friend Bill-Paisley
12. You And Me-Todd and Paisley

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In a Pickle
  • In a Pickle
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New fangled old fashioned music...
Three years in the making :: the first CD from the American treasure known as Pickled Okra. Includes many traditional favorites as well as several reworked modern songs and even one from our very own pickle jar.

1. Doug's Tune
2. Still haven't Found
3. Yonder Mountain (written by our banjoist Tony Markey!)
4. Lil Sadie
5. Aint No grave
6. Cripple Creek
7. Fly Away Mashup
8. LIl Maggie
9. Purdy Daughter
10. Sugarland Run
11. Ruthie
12. Rocky Top

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A Pickled Christmas
  • A Pickled Christmas
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A collection of holiday music - done up "Pickled Okra" style

This cd was made in the spirit of helping even the scroogiest of scrooges to get their holiday mojo on. Be sure to get pickled this Christmas.

1. Joy To World
2. Jingle Bells
3. Blue Christmas
4. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
5. Santa Baby
6. Away in a Manger
7. Deck the Halls
8. O Holy Night
9. Santa Rap

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