Sounds Like Chicken
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The new CD “Sounds Like Chicken”, recorded at Madpants Studio in Fremont,features 12 new songs with a distinct infusion of indie-pop into the quirky,un-traditional bluegrass sound the band has come to be known for. Several ofthe songs, such as "I Made It", "Stringtime in the Summer",and "You And Me" were written by Todd while out at sea last winter,and celebrate the connection with friends and family that he longed for. Othersexplore everything from a light-hearted look at the limbo of joblessness("Rainbow Dreams"), and the mischief of young love (in Tony's"Waste our Precious Time") to a true tale of murder in turn of thecentury Maine (Paisley's "Mattie Hackett").

  1. Rainbow Dreams-Todd
  2. No Rest For The Wicked-Todd
  3. Stringtime In The Summer-Todd
  4. Waste Our Precious Time-Tony
  5. Round Pond-Todd
  6. I Made It-Todd
  7. Mattie Hackett-Paisley
  8. Blood Moon-Tony
  9. Won’t You Tell Me Darlin-Todd & Paisley
  10. Roots Music-Paisley
  11. My Friend Bill-Paisley
  12. You And Me-Todd & Paisley

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