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On Hiatus... Happy 2016! 

Pickled Okra is on extended hiatus. We will not be booking any more shows until further notice... We love you guys and we'll certainly let ya know when we're back at it but for now the plan is to stay off our elbows for at least 6 months to a year ... In the meantime we'll be off resting our weary bones... We'll miss you all of course! Happy 2016!

We're one of Western Washington's top Wedding Bands of 2015 ! 

Well it's official folks Pickled Okra is one of Western Washington's top Wedding Bands of 2015

Woo hoo! thanks to all of you for voting for us and cheering for us along the way. We love playing music for you and hope to continue to do so a whole bunch in 2016!
See you out there ;)


09/23/15:  That's right, Pickled Okra is in the running for King 5's "Best of Western Washington" contest!  You know the one.  Voting ends Oct 23rd, so click on this link and vote for us!  In fact, tell any friends and family that might agree to vote for us too!  Do it now, so we won't have to nag you to do it later: 


Kaylin and Erik 

Aug. 9, 2014  
What a beautiful day for an equally beautiful wedding.  The lake and waterfalls at Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, WA  were the perfect backdrop for Kaylin and Erik as they said their vows.  We were so happy to be able to play a small part in their special day.  The bridal party made it's way in as the sounds of Cuckoos Nest and Robin and Marian floated through the air.  The bride made her gracious entry as we played Sweet Afton.   It was the perfect song for her!   As a band, we are always…Read more

Marty and Kristin's thank you note 

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for rocking out at are wedding welcome party July 25, 2014! You all were amazing and your music was perfect. We've received many compliments from our guests and are just so happy we heard you perform at The Water Wheel last year. As our friends and family arrived the music was welcoming and relaxing. Then you kicked it up a bit got everyone out on the dance lawn with a few classics and sing alongs.

Thank you again, you all were a pleasure to work with.
Marty…Read more