Summer is winding down…

But what a glorious one it has been! We played at 5 weddings (with 5 more to go this fall) attended 13 music festivals and performed on stage at 7 of those festivals (8 if you include Wintergrass), and while the majority of our gigs this summer were in Washington state we also managed to make it to 5 other states as well; Hawaii, Montana, Oregon, Massachusetts and Maine. If there were ever a time when Pickled Okra was more at ease as a band, we can't remember it. Todd and Paisley absolutley love traveling and playing music so get ready for a whole new slew of adventures next summer... Let us know if you have any ideas about where we should venture to... We hope you enjoy seeing and hearing us play as much as we enjoy visiting and playing for all of you!

Hawaii visit with Paisley's brother (who is an amazing dobro and guitar player) Charley Erck
NW Center's Kentucky Derby Themed Fundraiser (featured in Seattle Met magazine)
-Wedding in Snohomish
KSER radio in studio performance with Miss Nicholette
Folklife Festival - played on the MURAL AMPHITHEATER Stage! (performed)
Tractor Tavern (w/Polecat)

Everett Garden Arts Festival (performed)
Gig Harbor assisted living center
Wenatchee River BG Fest (attended)
Boston birthday party

Fifty Fest in Montana (annual Erck family musical gathering) hosted by Paisley's sister Phyllis (also an amazing dobro player)
-Wedding in Index
Winock Picker's Festival (attended)
Darrington BG Festival (attended)
Tacoma - The Swiss
Columbia Gorge BG Festival in Stevenson (attended)
Clatskine BG Festival  (attended- well sorta)

-Wedding in Olalla
Olalla BG and beyond Festival (performed)
Crossroads Mall in Bellevue
Bluegrass on the Green Festival (attended)
-Wedding at the Seattle Aquarium
Wild and Scenic Music Festival in Leavenworth (performed)

Munchen Haus in Leavenworth 
Newport Music festival (performed)
-Wedding in Pioneer Square
George BG Fest (performed)
Issaquah Salmoin Days Festival (performed)

(and we have 5 more weddings to go!)


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