So much music so little time!

Calendar :: We've been playing music nonstop and hardly taking a minute to catch up on things like updating our website but... here ya go
Lets see there was ...
-- Todd's Dad's Birthday celebration in Boston Happy Birthday Cornell!
-- Paisley's fiftieth birthday party in Montana - for the fourth of July (some excellent jamming with new and old friends there!)
-- The week leading up to and the week of the Darrington Bluegrass Festival was amaaaazing! (loved the 2 hill bands - Blueberry and Windy)
-- Hanging out and playing music at the Columbia Gorge Festival - in Stevenson WA was some of the best jamming EVER!
-- A fabulous Private party in Winlock followed by the Winlock pickers festival !
-- The Summer Meltdown (also in Darrington) was so much fun - Todd and Paisley backing up miss Pepper Proud with her intoxicating singing!
-- The Olalla Bluegrass festival proved to be just as much fun as we thought it would be and then some! Jammed all night with the Dodgy Mountain Men from Missoula!
(and that's just what happened on the weekends - all those weeknight things were fun too like Karaokegrass for instance

Summer has just started to kick in! we've got way more coming up. Please check our calendar page for accurate listings of all our doings...
Thanks for hanging out with us!

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