Playing at IBMA!

Hey guys - wow it's been ages since we've gotten around to updating the blog... sorry about that, but we've been super busy playing music and what not.

So we've been invited to go to this big Bluegrass gatherin in North Carolina at the end of September. It's called The World of Bluegrass and it's where they hand out the International Bluegrass Music Awards (ya know for all them fancy big name people like Chris Thile, Dale Ann Bradley and Del McCoury and all). We'll be doin a little showcase there in the fancy Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel on Wed night at this nice feller's place that he likes to call the BronzeWound...

If you happen to be in the area please drop on by...
Pickled Okra live at IBMA!
Sept 30th - Bronzewound Showcase
Midnight:30 on wed Night (so technically I suppose it's Thursday)
Raleigh Marriott City Center Ballroom Area A

Hosted by
Darwin Davidson of Bronzewound Bluegrass
WERU-FM 89.9 Blue Hill, Maine
Now webcasting at

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